Delivery of floral gifts
Propose, congratulate, thank, empathise, celebrate;
Convey your heartfelt message with our bespoke botanical gift.

Wedding personal and venue florals / botanicals
We help you and your guests immerse into this rite-of-passage celebration even more deeply with botanicals and/or florals designed around you and your partner’s stories and personalities.

Event styling
We elevate the space with thoughtfully designed botanical or floral settings that transport them further along your intended enjoyment of the experience.

Corporate gifting
We design botanical or floral compositions that further represent the brand for your clients and media friends to thank and celebrate their journey with your brand.

Interior shoot styling and on-shoot assistance
We know how things look on camera; allow us to further communicate a sense of space at your shoot with a curated set of botanicals and in-house vessels.

Full-service botanical/floral/plants or planting PR kit design, sourcing and production
We consult your project by identifying goals and intentions to create a gift experience that sends a message on behalf of the brand, whether it be a scented bouquet to accompany your products or a full-service planting kit that includes a beautifully befitting packaging, delivered to their doorstep.

Venue-specific installations or landscaping that evoke a sense of space at your store, residence or establishment
We take a trip with you to understand the needs and function of your space, and design an installation to elevate the experience of its users.

Landscaping and plant sourcing/selection
We design, source, and install plants in curated pots or planters for your balcony, doorstep, or in your residence/establishment’s garden. This service is also available for events, weddings and shoots.