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What is your style and what should I expect when ordering flowers with you?
Inspired by love, life, and happiness, together with the grounding of our Founder's training in Landscape Design and Horticulture, we put together flowers and botanicals that compliment each other and make sense together. From their growth habits to the colour story, we create arrangements that flow in textures, colours and movement.

And with that, we paint the story that is our ode to nature.


How should I lengthen the vase-life of my flowers?
Wrapped bouquets - Remove the decorative wrapper, as well as the water bag, from the bouquet of flowers. Trim 1cm off all the stems at an angle using a sharp pair of scissors, and place the flowers in a suitably sized vase/ vessel filled three quarters with clean tap water; this can be a repurposed glass bottle or even a mason jar.

If you worry your recipient may not have one, include a clear vase in your order and we'll send one that fits!

Vase arrangements - Replace the water and trim 1cm off all the stems at a 45* angle using a sharp pair of scissors upon receipt of the flowers and remove any plant material that may have fallen into the water to prevent contamination.

Your flowers will thank you if you:
Clean the vase and replace with fresh, clean water daily.
Place them where you can best enjoy them, while ensuring the spot is cool and shaded.
Remove any visibly spent flowers from the vase - it's the same logic as with fruits that have gone bad.


Can I dry my bouquet? How do I do it?
To turn your fresh flower bouquet into a keepsake, start drying them before they begin to wilt in the vase. Remove the flowers from the vessel and pat dry entirely; this will discourage any bacterial or mould growth. Tie the ends of the bouquet with a ribbon or string; you can dry them as a bunch or individually. Pick a shaded, well-ventilated area and hang your flowers upside-down - gravity will help keep them in shape as they dry, and the shaded area helps with pigment retention.

The process of air-drying flowers is still very much trial-and-error, even for us! Once all the flowers have evenly dried, you may wish to only keep the ones you find dried better.

A handy tip - woody stems tend to dry better than herbaceous stems!


I need a bouquet today/the following day but I can't cart out! Why is that and how can I make my order?
We typically take in orders with a minimum of two days notice because all work is made to order so an advance notice helps us ensure flower availability, gives us ample time to bring in the flowers required and process them before they're used in your arrangement. However, if it can't wait and you're good to go with whatever's fresh and available, please call or WhatsApp message us at +65 8894 0116 and we'll take it from there!




If you can't find an answer to your question here or in our Terms & Conditions, email us at everyday@inthenameofflowers.co or call us at +65 8894 0116